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How much will it cost to convert to tankless water heater?


Cost for a tankless unit varies between manufactures, sizes and installation cost. We are specialized in tankless water heaters and have greatly streamlined and perfected the process to reduce cost. Depending on the model chosen the total cost for unit and installation varies widely. An accurate estimate can only be determined after our trained staff discusses the model and installation location with you.

In order to install the unit properly you must have gas or propane and we typically must:


  • Run a dedicated gas line to the unit because tankless units typically require up to 200,000 BTUs at full fire. 
  • Install new venting, stainless steel category 3 or PVC with the condensing units. This may require us to relocate the unit to an exterior wall or outside. 
  • Install additional piping if we need to relocate the unit. 
  • Run dedicated power to the unit.  Please note in the event of a power outage, the unit will not provide hot water without power.  However, we can install a backup battery system if you require it.


If you already have a tankless water heater properly installed or if your home is newly constructed and set up for a tankless unit the cost of installation is less.



Are there any Cash Rebates and Cash Incentives for Installation of a Tankless Unit?


There are many Federal and local financial incentives for converting to tankless water heaters. In many cases after these incentives a tankless conversion is financially on par with the traditional water heaters. The operating savings can be substantial, especially when converting from electric water heaters.


  • 30% up to $1500 Tax Credit (this is not a tax deduction, it is a dollar for dollar tax credit)
  • State and local incentives can be checked here and here



Most energy star rated tankless unity qualify that are more than 82% efficient. Please contact us for more information.



What Size Tankless do I need?


They come in different sizes for different lifestyles. Unlike traditional tank heaters, tankless sizes are measured by how many gallons per minute (GPM) flow rate they have, rather than how many gallons capacity. Tankless flow rates vary from 4 to 8 GPM.


The smaller units, the four to five GPMs, are suited for studio apartments and small one bathroom homes or some special applications.


The larger size units, the six to eight GPMS, are suited for homes with two bathrooms or more. They can supply two bathrooms and a kitchen sink for example, all at the same time.

For larger homes or other high demand application multiple tankless units can be strung together to satisfy the hot water demand.


As a reference a regular shower head uses two to three gallons per minute (GPM), low flow heads are set at about 1.6 GPM.



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