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Which is the Best Tankless Water Heater?


I get this question asked quiet often and decided to do a write up about it.


The one thing that a storage tank or better traditional water heater has going for it is “SIMPLICITY”. It is fairly simple, a tank and a burner with a pilot light that burns all the time. And then the burner comes on frequently to heat the water as it loses its heat through various means. The point here implied is that there is not much that can go wrong with it, of course until it starts leaking. It usually doesn’t stop working suddenly; it will give some warning by leaking or by the water not being so hot anymore.


Well, things are not so simple with tankless water heaters. They are a very sophisticated appliance, having at least one microprocessor and many sensors and valves that control the water temperature, the burners and many other things. They also monitor the heating process for high efficiency, water pressure and more.


So what makes the BEST tankless Water Heater is not by how many microprocessors it has or how many additional things can do other than heating the water. It is its RELIABILITY, period.


The point being is that the most expensive tankless is not always the best one if it cannot reliably do its job, namely heat the water.


Tankless Water Heaters have been around for decades in other parts of the world, mainly Asia and Europe. High Energy prices mandated a better solution to heating water.


The technology is nothing new and nearly all manufacture use the same technology with minor differences.


Over the years we have installed and serviced different brands and models of tankless water heaters.

We prefer models from reliable manufactures with great customer service and prompt parts delivery and simplified warranty claims.


The difference in performance is very small so the reliability of the manufacture and its product is much more important. We prefer Brands directly from manufactures and not a re-branded unit. That is for example a GE tankless unit maybe manufactured by Rinnai today and tomorrow by Rheem. Warranty claims and obtaining service parts can then be complicated.


For the above and many other reasons this is not a product you want to purchase at your local hardware store and have it installed by local handyman.



A good tankless unit requires also a good installation in order for it to work reliably. A good installation must take into account the required size of the unit, proper gas supply and venting into account. With the new condensing tankless units the venting has become much easier with use of PVC.


We currently like most Rinnai , Takagi, Noritz, Navien for condensing tankless water heaters as they offer best value and performance. We also like Bosch, although more expensive.


There are other brands and re-branded units on the market we don't recommend.


We at Just Tankless are not just another tankless water heater company on the web. We are highly experienced in installation, service and sale of Tankless Water Heater. We can size and recommend the best unit for your needs based on your geographical location, incoming water temperature, number of people in the home and other factors.



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