What’s inside the Quietside tankless water heater ?

With features such as our unique S-Line Heat Exchangers, Exactemp Technology, a Modulating Gas Valve, an innovative Microprocessor that controls all of water heater’s functions and the ability to use Schedule 40 PVC (SLC636 in Canada) venting materials over stainless steel, the Quietside tankless water heater is not your ordinary Tankless. . .

PVC Venting

With the S Line Heat Exchangers, the flue gas exiting the Quietside tankless water heater is reduced to approximately 130°F from the 300° plus of “normal” tankless water heaters.  In addition to the gains in performance and efficiency, this allows the use of Schedule 40 PVC (SLC636 in Canada) vent materials reducing the time and cost of installing the tankless.

S-Line Heat Exchangers

Quietside’s unique use of the S Line dual heat exchangers maximizes efficiency and minimizes noise levels.  With the latent or wet recuperative heat exchanger mounted at an offset above the primary heat exchanger the flue gas is forced to travel in an S pattern maximizing heat transfer and increasing the product performance and efficiency.

Gas Valve

 To provide hot water at the required temperature over a wide variety of flow rates, the gas valves used in the tankless units have a turn down ratio of 8:1, controlled by the built-in
microprocessor.  This technology is the first step in performance and a stable delivered water temperature.


To ensure the unit is operating at peak performance and efficiency a microprocessor is used to control all of the tankless water heaters functions. Utilizing 10 sensors throughout the unit, the microprocessor is constantly monitoring operations, and will provide self diagnostic error codes in the unlikely event of a failure occurring.

Priority Water Temperature Controller

Priority Temperature control allows dual hot water set points to be used in a single house. The Priority controller for the Quietside Tankless Water Heater can override the standard set point allowing for warmer or colder water to be used. For example adult bathing vs children, laundry vs bathing, etc. Both controllers are installed on the system and the priority button is used to override the existing set point.